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    Marek is a top-notch developer with deep experience in code architecture, performance and testing. He is a self-starter and does not need extra attention, but just gets the job done. He is a great catch for any company looking for a high-end developer.
    Chris Biscoe, Founder and CEO at Squerb
    Marek is an amazing developer and coworker. Ambitious and hard working, takes full ownership of his work, always provides honest feedback and is ready to receive one. Highly recommended.
    Wiktor Schmidt, CEO of netguru.co
    Marek is a talented and experienced developer who provides excellent backend and frontend solutions. He builds remarkable products by writing elegant code and designing efficient and easy to scale architectures. Working with Marek is a pleasure and I can strongly recommend working with him.
    Staszek Kolarzowski, Co-founder at Pilot
    A very good strongly opinionated developer and good leader material. Marek will base his every opinion and choice on very detailed research. Combine this with his hard work and you get the best addition to your team you can have.
    Marcin Stecki, CTO at netguru.co
    Marek is a talented Ruby developer. He is goal oriented and effective. He understands the business needs and is a great team player.
    Lukasz Olek, Co-founder at internetowykantor.pl

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  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • CoffeeScript
  • React
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • Imba
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  • vim
  • git
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  • webpack
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